Thursday, March 17, 2016

Separating You From Your Competition

Group textingClient growth relies on raising your voice above the crowd - to do this, social media, branding, and product marketing are critical steps toward success.

Chances are, unless you have a solid marketing foundation in place, your customers are struggling to connect with you. If that's the case, then you are practically helping your competition succeed. When a customer can't locate your information you can be sure your competition's information is readily available to fill the gap.

Think about it - without an adequate marketing plan, your competition will edge in and entice your customers away. Try Googling keywords associated with your business... what comes up instead of you?

Separating yourself from the competition is critical, and providing a clear marketing message is the first step.

marketing toolsAny business plan worth it's salt has a significant planning factor in place relating to getting the message out. Keying in a loyal customer base to your growth, and consciously fostering well-informed clients builds a reliable foundation for future sales. New products, improved services, important anniversaries - all of these things work to imprint your brand on those interested in your services.

You’ve built your business and have news to share. A milestone, a new product line, a new location, or the addition of professionals to your roster. How to get the word out to your audience?  This is what keeps the business owner awake at night (among other things). You’ve built it, now will they come? How do you reach your market? Spotlight Publicity can help.

How are you unique? What separates you from your competition? Once we answer this, Spotlight Publicity can develop a personalized promotional campaign that addresses the most needed areas of
  • We offer specific market placement with magazines, newspapers, radio, blog posts & other social media, as well as TV, in order to get your business and services noticed 
  • We organize and host product launches, with media Meet & Greet events
  • Together we will strategize on branding across the board, through all of your messaging, printed materials, packaging, web presence, and social platforms
  • We help you “polish” your image, your elevator pitch, your thirty- minute presentation, even your headshot, business cards, and other marketing materials 
  • Looking for fresh content on your website that shows what separates you from your competition? We can help you find your unique voice and message— and develop the presence it needs to find your target audience
  • Need a promo video? We can arrange that with some of the best of the state’s award wining videographers who can give you the snappy content your clients will respond to.  
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By crafting a strategy with these aspects in mind, Spotlight Publicity helps in separating you from your competition. Contact us to day for a free consultation.