Sunday, November 29, 2015

Centering Productivity through Conscientious Quiet Time

meditationThere can be an aversion to being alone with thoughts. Where the silence takes over and the world skips away, like a seven-year-old self revisiting the knee scrapes and bullying of elementary school. Some who cross into the quiet confront demons, or at the very least, expect they will. It is a shame, and a product of their upbringing – taught not to deal head on with conflict and doubts, but instead to put them aside as if they never existed. But these demons continue to exist, and even shelved in the chaotic closets of the mind, exert an influence upon the waking, experiential world.
Sounds lovely, doesn’t it?
The demon’s main weapons are doubt and distraction- questioning creative endeavor, capability, and even those concepts thought rock solid- talent. Excuses become common, where work and output are halted due to time constraints and blockage. Meditation as a vernacular becomes a hurdle- I don’t know how to meditate. There are formulas, procedures- holy men spend a lifetime learning how. Excuses all.
meditationThere is no learning how – there is simply just doing.
Finding quiet is simply seeking a place where the distractions are non-existent, and the demons- if they still exist – have a chance to be faced head on.
Quiet allows the mind to ‘dump’ as it were, shutting down conscientiously the clatter and noise of every day and coming to grips with the task of clearing a pathway to creative thought. With the worries confronted, and the affirmations of creativity revisited, entirely new means of expression become possible.
One thing to be aware of is confusing 'drive time' or 'tv time' as quiet time. Both of these seemingly centering activities fill the brain with detritus - a need to be aware of other drivers, the constant barrage of media messages designed to slip through the most passive of watchers. These activities only add to the stress of an overly active mind, filling it with more and more distractions without allowing it to rest and regenerate.
meditationFind solace in a chaotic world.
A place of true centering is within a space devoid of external distractions. Low light, an absence of sound, a temperature close to the human body's own internal temperature. The more controlled an environment is in regards to limiting external influences, the more productive the reflective nature of quiet time will be.
While seeking the solace of absolute silence, a practitioner should be focused on emptiness. Locating the core of nothing is the goal - not 'pre-setting' the meditative state to focus on any one issue. With mindful quiet comes inspiration, not plans of conquest.
Through all of this, there are positive benefits of meditation and quiet time.
Even if done in a half-focused manner, regular connections with the quiet within extend life. Significantly, in fact. Removing stress from what makes us run lowers blood pressure, increases brain cell regeneration, a strengthened immune system, better sleep, and improved digestion for removing toxins from the body.  
meditationFor the creative mind, a reconnection with quiet clears away the milieu of doubt and frozen productivity. Pathways become clear with positive goals materializing in the process. By focusing attention on absolutely nothing at all, the mind is given the freedom to utilize the environmental inputs it has been collecting over a lifetime to draw out the purest forms of expression - from painting to writing, to innovation and invention.
All it takes is a dedication to find that quiet spot, to shut out the world for a period of time and reconnect with the voice within that simply needs your attention.


Thursday, November 5, 2015

Why You Need a Publicist

You spent endless hours writing your manuscript and fine-tuning your wording and character development. You’ve proofread it until you can’t see clearly any longer. You’re ready to give it wings and send it out into the world. But you’re not sure what next steps to take. Seek an agent? Query publishing houses? Self publish? The sea of published books available and the various ways to purchase them, print, e-book, audio book, all seem daunting.

bookSo… if you are reading this you may be wondering, why do I need a publicist?

If this is your first manuscript, we can offer copy-editing services from developmental line-by-line editing to overall polish up.  

If you need to assistance deciding which publishing path is best for your work, whether its self publishing, small print house or a top tier New York City print press we can help you weigh out the pros and cons of each and decide which is the best fit for your work.

Once you’ve made a decision you are confident in and have a direction, we will help to draft a course of action. Perfecting your pitch, writing letters to potential agents, helping craft the perfect cover art for your self published work, or pitching smaller presses are all items we can assist with.

publicistOur graphic designer can assist in creating a one of kind book cover for your self-published work and our photographer can capture your spark for your personal headshot to be used in promotion.

If a book trailer is desired our videographers will take care of all the details: casting, location, film and production. We will then upload it on your website and push it through all relevant media channels.
Pre-publication we can aid in designing a website that talks to your target audience, and is in line with the style of your book and who you are as artist. Simultaneously we can manage and launch your social media campaign Tweeting and posting on your behalf to make sure you are heard and that you build and keep the “buzz” about you as an artist and about your work.  

book publicistJust prior to your book launch we will book venues and help to design them so they are lively, entertaining and not just another signing. We will work with the bookstore, school or other location to make sure your event is promoted properly through all appropriate channels.  Authoring and distributing press releases, designing posters, postcards and other printed materials that are eye catching, and ensuring your event is well publicized are taken care of in a way that represents you well. We’ll even be on hand the evening of the event and introduce you, check AV equipment, whatever is needed to ensure all goes smoothly. If your tour takes you to numerous stops, we can build your itinerary around bookings. All you need to do is be you. We will take care of the rest.

Whatever your needs, we are able to assist. Call to schedule a complimentary consult and see how we Focus On Your Success.