Saturday, August 1, 2015

It Begins With an Idea

Your creation -

Maybe it was a recurring sensation that returned only when the lights were low, and the rustle of leaves could be heard from the old oak standing sentinel beside the window. Or perhaps it was a concept that replayed itself whenever a mild breeze wandered elusively from offshore, carrying the salty depths of an ocean to taste and smell and conjure images of adventure and betrayal.

Our ideas come from our environment, a swirl at times of thoughts that need time to settle and begin to form a tale.

A life's story is like that.

The original idea must not be forgotten. Instead, much like a newborn life, it should be nurtured. It must be taught in its own way how to bend along a plot line, how to fall away from the crescendo, and how best to engage with those who long to engage with it.

But it takes time and patience.

An idea does not simply appear fully conceptualized. It whimpers at first, mewing against plot holes and grammar errors and sour notes. It cringes in the creator's protective arms against the chills of syntax confusion and wildly shifting points of view. Nurtured in this way, adjusted and corrected, ideas can be realized as coherent and melodic stories, with happily proceeding trains of thought, responsible exposition, and individualized traits.

With attention, ideas become art.

The writer... the artist... gives birth to something magical. The story develops into a creation of beauty-

To this end, an artist's thoughts during creation should not be of literary marketing, or disseminating publishing sales data, or how best to approach a bookshop or venue for a book signing tour. A writer should not add the stress of online image management and SEO optimization onto the pyre of creative flame - this is where we come in.

We at Spotlight Publicity can take your creation- your heart and sweat - and help you find your audience.

We would like to thank those who we have worked with in the past, and thinking forward, those we will in the weeks and years ahead.

Sometimes, it takes a dedicated ally to realize the results you've worked so hard to achieve.

Let the team at Spotlight Publicity be yours.