Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Customer Service via Social Media

customer service
As we progress further into a world dominated by social media, businesses are adapting it for not only marketing purposes, but also for customer service. Engaging with customers has always been the best ways to grow and develop, and social media is the tool that allows you to easily engage and keep tabs on consumers for the purposes of improving open communication.

According to a JD Power survey of over 23,000 online consumers, 67% of the respondents claimed to have contacted a company for customer support through some form of social media. Not to mention the users not directly contacting the business for support using social media. It is important that as a business you do your part to give your customers a clear line of communication to address their issues.

When you receive a request via social media, take action immediately.

It is crucial that you know where the majority of your customers are. The target audience you use for marketing and advertising will be the same audience coming to you for customer service. Knowing this demographic will help you find which channel of social media your business will thrive off of most. Keep in mind the platform that you use on your own time may not be the best for your company. Just because you spend time using Tinder, doesn’t mean your consumers use the same one.

Customer Service
If you are not sure what social media forum a majority of your consumers use, you can also utilize a customer service survey via email. Another option is to utilize all possible social media platforms in order to avail your services to a larger consumer base.

Now that you have the social media platform set up and familiarized, you need to monitor the traffic your company receives through the app. It is recommended that you review your feeds and check the search engines for any mentions of your company at least three times a day in order to take swift action when called for. It only takes a minute, and will benefit your company’s image greatly. Although your customers are trying to reach out to you, they may make a few spelling mistakes while doing it, for example, a customer looking on Twitter for @SpotlightPubNH instead types @SpitlightPubNH. By monitoring similar handles you can make sure your not missing out on those opportunities.

customer serviceDo your best to interact with customers in the most personalized way as possible. Provide alternate contact channels to facilitate one-on-one communications. The difference between a positive customer service experience and a negative one can be seen on your bottom line.

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